Software as a Service Advertisement – A video exegesis

A few weeks ago IBM published a new video advertisement on YouTube featuring a manager being setup about poor IT services.I always believed that these kind of managers do no longer exist, stepping in, blowing up dust and disappearing again. But anyhow, this is not the point. How did these guys manage to fulfill their manager’s request in such a short time period?

IT service management is known as a complex, very time consuming discipline, which requires detailed planning and strict execution of very well defined procedures to achieve satisfying results. Even if all required procedures are in place, unexpected events still might lead to never ending discussions on why, how, and when something went wrong? To often, so called “war rooms” are setup, to get to the root cause and to get the required data in to a readable, consumable format for managers.

One of the challenges is to have the required IT service management products in access at the time you need these. With IBM’s Service Engage offering, these products come along in a Software as a Service model. The following six areas of interest are covered:

  • Performance Management
    A market-leading solution to increase your end user satisfaction with complete visibility and control of your infrastructure and application environment. IBM Performance Management solutions make it easy to identify bottlenecks and quickly get to the root cause of your problems.

  • Enterprise Asset Management
    IBM Maximo Asset Management unifies comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management, providing insight into all of an organization’s enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes to achieve better planning and control.

  • Enterprise Mobility Management
    With MaaS360’s enterprise mobility platform manage and secure your mobile devices, apps, users and content.

  • Asset Inventory Analytics
    Reduces excess inventory and ensures parts availability for mission-critical assets by harnessing the inventory management capabilities of Maximo Asset Management and the analytical power of IBM SPSS.

  • IT Service Management
    IBM SmartCloud Control empowers your users, reduces service management costs and increases satisfaction through user friendly self service and integrated automation.

  • Workload Automation
    IBM Workload Automation enables you to automate and optimize the background execution of workflows that span heterogeneous applications and systems.

For each profession, beside demo sites and detailed descriptions, a trial might be ordered for these product categories.

And that’s what these guys in the video did. They already started the trial for performance management. And what do you have to do to make the trial happen?

  1. Request the trial on the Service Engage website

  2. Download the generated agent pack

  3. Implement the agents on your systems

  4. Start working with the solution.

  5. Impress your manager with the achieved results.

This solution is ready to be used within a few minutes or hours. The required infrastructure is delivered in the cloud. The agent packs are generated per customer, including connection properties, so that the setup and configuration process is as simple as possible. The user interface has been simplified to allow an intuitive navigation without any education need.

As they mentioned in the video, the trial is completely free of charge. IBM is taking care about the infrastructure to provide this service. If you decide to buy the service, you will pay on a per usage model. Details might be found in the buy section.

This offering fits perfectly to my discussion I’ve raised last year: “Is IT monitoring for large businesses only?”

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